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police promotion servicesSince 1985, we as active or retired Law Enforcement Officers, Supervisors and Commanders have been providing services to law enforcement agencies and to individual officers and applicants, finding and preparing the BEST candidates for police entry and promotion positions.

Our Mission: YOU - at the TOP of your Police or Sheriff's Department Hiring and Promotion List.

Your Police Promotion
Testing Course

corporal sergeant lieutenant captain police promotion testing courseWe have 40+ online police promotional textbook exams, plus our LEPTAD, an In-Basket assessment and even more bonus items. Thousands of officers and deputies around the nation have been promoted utilizing our material.

Pay one low price, for your whole career.

Read what your fellow officers have to say, and see if we can help you.

Promotion Course

Your Police Entry-Level
Testing Course and Oral Board Coaching

police officer entry level testing courseOur Entry-Level Police Testing course has been praised for outstanding content for entry-level exams and assessments. Your entry course does not expire, keep taking the exams and preparing, and you will move into the Promotion Testing Course without additional charge once you are hired by a law enforcement agency.

So, from this day forward, you will take online exams and assessments and receive FREE books, exams and BONUS items to help you get HIRED - and then PROMOTED -  IN FRONT OF YOUR LESS-PREPARED competition!

Entry-Level Course

Police Employment and Promotion Candidates:

The package I purchased was the reason I did so well on my application, oral boards, written exams and being hired by the top paying police department in the country. I was one of about 1,000 applicants. 

I had no prior law enforcement experience and North Las Vegas was the first and only police department I had ever applied to. 

I was one of seventeen people hired out of the 1,000. The investment in the (ELPATA)package was well worth the pay off. 
 The services provided by PoliceCareer.com are a hidden treasure."

Comments received from 
Nick Monreal, of Arlington TX - quoted with permission.

You Will Be HIRED or PROMOTED in Police Work, Way Ahead of Your Less-Prepared Competition - Guaranteed! Thousands of Satisfied Clients Since 1985 Can't Be Wrong! If You Want to ACE YOUR POLICE TESTS, INTERVIEWS and ASSESSMENT CENTERS You owe it to yourself to READ ON!

ANNOUNCING OUR NEW CAREER MEMBERSHIP! Join once, it doesn't expire! With Our Online Entry Level Exams, 40+ Actual Promotional Textbook Exams, Expert Assessment Tests, Online In-Basket Exercise, FREE Books and Audio Question Files, YOU will Master All Your Entry-Level or Promotional Written Tests, Interviews and Assessment Centers - Including the Oral Interview, Police Polygraph, Psychological, B-PAD, the National Police Officer Selection Test and All Your Promotional Textbook and Assessment Exams, AND Receive a  "Better than Risk Free" 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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